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Hybrid hangovers - our latest people podcast

With hybrid working arrangements in full swing and the two Spring bank holidays around the corner, employers’ approaches to hybrid working arrangements are starting to be tested as many employees are starting to book their first "proper" holiday since 2020. With this in mind, requests to work abroad for a few days or to work from home in the days leading up to a holiday could become more common and, against the backdrop of the ongoing war for talent, employers are bending over backwards to offer employees what they want which can create a number of issues.

As highlighted by my colleagues in our latest podcast, employers need to ensure they have thought about the risks associated with employees working remotely, particularly in relation to confidentiality. Should employees be permitted to log on to a public WiFi connection? Is the business happy for employees to take their laptops abroad? Can employees work and take calls in the same room as their family, friends or even other holiday goers? Have employees been informed about how to safely dispose of confidential information when working remotely?

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee looming, businesses should be considering how they are going to handle such requests, if they haven't already.