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| 1 minute read

Reflecting on the Legal Business Corporate M&A Summit 2024

Last week Stevens & Bolton sponsored the Legal Business Corporate and M&A Summit 2024 and hosted a panel on developing and implementing a programmatic M&A strategy

Our excellent panellists Iain Jamieson (Pep Talks), Gemma Legg (RSM Corporate Finance) and Emma Leahey (Ardonagh Group) fielded questions from the moderator, Jenny Robertson (M&A partner, Stevens & Bolton) and from the audience, in a wide-ranging and interesting discussion.

Key takeaways included the importance of cultural fit in selecting acquisition targets, the role of well-planned integration processes in ensuring the success of an M&A buy and build strategy, recruiting ahead of the wave to ensure sufficient resource in the acquisition and integration teams, and tips for maintaining good seller relations through the process.

Nick Atkins (M&A partner, Stevens & Bolton) also spoke on a panel discussion hosted by Chris Lyes of Shieldpay, where the panel discussed the complexities of managing funds flows, compliance issues for lawyers in handling completion monies, and the increasing role of payment agents in helping solve those issues. 

If you would like to find out more about any of the topics discussed or require advice in this area, please get in touch with Jenny Robertson or Nick Atkins.