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| 1 minute read

The rapid rise of drones and the future of the "Stenosphere"

In a world where AI seems to dominate tech news, the rapid innovation and utilisation of drones seems to have slipped "under the radar" – but will they still be a driver for growth and positive change? What will the imminent expansion of civilian drones (e.g. for package deliveries) mean for the "Stenosphere" and everyday people?

Airwards is a not-for-profit company which runs an awards programme to identify, recognise and champion positive drone use cases from around the world. Airwards also host events for leaders within industries with heavy drone usage, as a collaborative and informal way for these companies to share their thoughts on future co-operation and regulation of drones. The latest event was on 4th May 2023 and these are some of the live topics which were discussed:

  • There are numerous ideas and differences of opinions within the industry, specifically about regulation and how private companies can work together and share their data, in order to enable safer flights for drones, other aircraft and civilians on the ground. private companies are still reluctant to share data (such as flight paths) which could be used to improve safety.
  • There is a need for "outside-in" perspectives, from other industries who have been through similar collaborative journeys – such as telecom providers. Private companies have an entrenched fear about releasing any of their private data, as they see it as an asset and are reluctant to share it with competitors.
  • General discussions regarding progress – how companies are doing things, how they want to progress and what similar, or different, things are they doing in this space.


commercial, technology, regulatory, intellectual property, data protection