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National NHS guidance published on support measures for menopausal women in the NHS

Following on from the Menopause in the Workplace podcast which my colleague, Chantelle, and I recorded last month, it is really heartening to see that the NHS has published national guidance on how to support women (and other people who may be personally impacted by the menopause) in navigating this life stage while maintaining their career trajectory.  Flexible working features heavily but there are other suggestions set out in the guidance such as the use of fans and reviewing the material used for uniforms and it is anticipated that the guidance can be used by employers in other fields to support their staff as well. 

Obviously the NHS has a particularly large female workforce but, as is well documented, it also has a huge number of vacancies at the moment so anything that can be done to encourage experienced and dedicated members of staff to continue in their roles without fear of being stigmatised or ridiculed can only be applauded and there is no reason why this sensitive and inclusive approach would not assist employers across the country to achieve the same. 

Menopausal women in NHS England workforce to be offered flexible working


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