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Nearly 1 in 5 employers predicted to make redundancies over the next year

Redundancies are a particularly hot topic at the moment - particularly after the shock of P&O’s mass sacking of 800 crew members which is still causing ripples in the press. The past two years have been undeniably difficult for many businesses and so it is not surprising that this ACAS survey has revealed nearly one in five employers are looking to make redundancies in the next year. However, despite ACAS' predictions, many sectors appear to be desperately trying to recruit employees in the seemingly escalating “war for talent” - so it will be interesting to see how this will develop and if ACAS' predictions will materialise. 

While redundancy may be the sensible commercial option in many circumstances, employers should still be making sure they are alive to their consultation obligations. For example, employers should be cautious to only start redundancy procedures in genuine redundancy situations – these being, in broad terms, business closures, workplace closures, or a reduced requirement for employees. 

"The impact of global events has seen some businesses facing difficult circumstances and our poll reveals that nearly 1 in 5 are considering redundancies in the year ahead. "Redundancies at large organisations have been in the news recently and it appears that 3 in 10 organisations that employ more than 250 employees are likely to make redundancies in the next 12 months.