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| 2 minutes read

Update on eVisas and the phasing out of Biometric Residence Permits

The Home Office is in the process of developing a fully digital immigration system, with the aim of replacing a physical document, such as a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) or Biometric Residence Card (BRC), with an online record of the individual's immigration status and the conditions linked to that immigration status. This is known as an eVisa. An increasing number of individuals are already granted eVisas and do not receive a physical document.

However, those who do still receive a Biometric Residence Permit will notice that the expiry date on their BRP is 31 December 2024, even if they have been granted immigration permission for a longer period. This is because the Home Office intends to move to a fully digital system by 31 December 2024. 

What should individuals with a BRP or BRC do before 31 December 2024? 

The Home Office recently published guidance on the move to eVisas. This emphasised that individuals who currently have permission to stay in the UK and who have a BRP or BRC or other physical documents to prove their immigration status do not have to take any immediate action.

However, during the course of 2024, these individuals will need to register for a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) online account to be able to see their eVisa once their BRP or BRC has expired, as well as to be able to share information about their immigration status and conditions, such as their right to work or rent in the UK. Individuals will also be able to update their personal details through their UKVI account, such as their contact details or their current passport details. There is no fee to register for a UKVI account.

Importantly, anyone with an eVisa must keep their passport details up to date in their UKVI account and ensure they inform the Home Office of any changes, so that their immigration status can be easily identified at the UK border and to prevent issues when it comes to proving they have the right to work or rent in the UK. In the latest guidance, the Home Office has made it clear that, if an individual has updated the Home Office that they have a new passport, but they are still waiting for confirmation that their UKVI account has been updated, they should also carry their old document with them, if possible, to avoid unnecessary delays at the border.

The Home Office has said that they will provide updates as to when individuals with BRPs or BRCs need to register for a UKVI account, and what they need to do.

What should individuals do if their immigration permission expires before 31 December 2024? 

Anyone who needs to make a new application for permission to stay in the UK should follow the usual application process and ensure they submit a valid immigration application before their current immigration permission expires. Depending on their circumstances, they may then move to an eVisa once their application has been approved. Others, especially visa nationals, will likely continue to receive a BRC or BRP until 31 December 2024.