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Encouraging news on child maintenance

For many years now the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) have handled the calculation of child maintenance when parents separate and, if necessary, act as an intermediary between payer and recipient. 

This system works well for many, but for some, recovering payment is thwarted where a payer's income is not straightforward or where payment is avoided altogether. In welcome news the Government have recently bolstered powers enabling tougher sanctions on the non-paying parent which now include forcing the sale of a property and removing passports and driving licences. 

The process of pursuing non-payers has also been expedited enabling the CMS to act more swiftly, which in turn reduces arrears building up, facilitates a faster collection of payments and payment to families far quicker than before.

Hopefully these bolstered sanctions will have the desired effect of discouraging non-payers when their home and ability to travel could be affected.  

Swifter sanctions on unpaid child maintenance


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