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| 1 minute read

Foreign nationals no longer need to register with the police

The requirement for certain foreign nationals to register with the police as part of their immigration conditions ended last week.

For many years, certain foreign nationals have been required to register with the police as part of their immigration conditions. They have also had to notify the police if certain personal circumstances change, such as if they move or if they get married. Failing to do so could affect their ability to extend their stay in the UK.

However, the system has not been fit for purpose for years and, since Covid, the police have been struggling with a backlog, with many individuals required to wait over a year for an appointment. Although the Home Office has not yet made a public announcement or updated the underlying legislation, we are aware that last week a number of individuals received a notification informing them that the requirement to register with the police has ceased. At the same time, the Home Office withdrew its guidance on police registration.

This means that foreign nationals are no longer required to register with the police. Further, those who have already registered with the police will no longer need to notify the police of changes to their personal circumstances.

However, foreign nationals with limited leave must still update the Home Office if their personal circumstances changes. This is usually done by completing a form available here.