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| 1 minute read

Feral divorce proceedings - a clear judicial warning

"a disgraceful example of how financial remedy proceedings should not be conducted". 

Another case where a well-known family judge has delivered a scathing judgment about the approach taken within financial remedy proceedings.  In this case the wife ran arguments that necessitated numerous third parties becoming involved, unnecessarily in the judge's view. He was also damning about both parties' honesty in the evidence that they, and some of the third parties gave.

This is another in a line of cases where such warnings have been given. Fighting doggedly on for a point of principle can backfire, and if objective, clear legal advice has been ignored, parties may come to regret taking their case to a final hearing.  Many clients with strongly held views look forward to their day in court, wrongly believing that they will be given a platform to air their grievances.  Even if they do get that air time, they seldom appreciate how badly this comes across to a judge, especially when there are children involved.  Judges want and expect the focus to be on the relevant legal issues and if it isn't ,a judgment like this may await.

Judge lambasts ‘feral’ divorce proceedings


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