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Digital assets - all is not lost?

Dealing with digital assets post-death is a tricky area and one which the, dare I say it, slightly traditional world of Wills and trusts has struggled to tackle! But the blame can't solely be laid at the door of the professionals - it has been impossible to get third party providers to engage sensibly with the issue which is why it is heartening to see one of the biggest players in the market addressing this head on. Apple has now launched an ability for identified individuals to have access to accounts post-death - let's hope others in the digital world follow suit...

Apple officially released its Digital Legacy feature, which lets people choose the specific people (up to five family members or friends) who will be able to access their account after they die. The chosen contacts will then be able to access data stored in iCloud, like photos and documents, after the original user dies, so long as they have a special access key and a copy of the death certificate.


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